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KEVA Classifieds is on the air Monday thru Friday from 9:35am to 10:00am. 

CALL: (307)789-9101  TEXT: (307)363-1240

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NEW!!  As noted above, we now have a new text line for KEVA Classifieds!  Once again, you can text us during KEVA Classifieds (or any time 24 hrs a day!) with what you have for sale or what you are looking for or whatever!  Text us at 307-363-1240.  The message will be delivered right to us while we're on the air and we'll read it like you called it in.  You can also leave a voicemail on this line by calling the number and we'll play back your message on the air!!  So you can now pre-record your KEVA Classifieds call-in!  For more info about the text/voicemail line and other questions about how things work, check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page!

Check out our FAQ section for answers to many of the most common questions asked about the KEVA Classifieds!  Got a question that you don't see on the FAQ?  EMAIL US at mailbag@kevaclassifieds.com!

KEVA Classifieds is on the air each Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 10:00am.  During the show, call in at 789-9101 and we'll put you on the air!  Send us a text any time at 307-363-1240.  Leave a voicemail anytime for playback on the show at 307-363-1240.  Listen to the show online on your computer by clicking HERE.

If you have something for the mailbag, click HERE to submit it to us using the mailbag page or 
Email us directly at mailbag@kevaclassifieds.com 

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